It all began in the summer of 2016. 

Royal Blue Productions was created for the purpose of offering the best quality audio production service available in the local area - in particular the college students exploring their artistry and musicianship.  Since that start the number of available services has grown dramatically, and the business-model adapted.  RBP will continue to grow as a unique media production company meets private social network.  From the ground up Royal Blue has been built with positive world change in mind and takes effort to act in eco-friendly ways and community enhancing operations.  


Our mission is to serve your business, brand, or organization as a creative and analytical tool for success in building an exclusive and quality business. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating world-class media for a complete and uniform brand image,
  • Analyzing strategic business direction with sophisticated mathematical processes,
  • And opening up dialogue about growth, direction, and success development.

We handle three main types of projects:
  1. Media productions. (this includes everything from websites, to promotionals, to audio production)
  2. Data analytics. (this is where we make sure you're doing business in the smartest, most strategic way for success)
  3. Development. (this is where we team up and get the create juices flowing. What's your next big product?)

Message from the Owner...

"Hello everyone that has made it to the rbp website.  My name is Jeremy MacDonough (J. Mosaic), and I am the owner and Lead Production Engineer of Royal Blue Productions.  It all began for me with a profound LOVE for music as a child.  It led me to become a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer.  As projects got more and more involved the demand for visual and coding skills became obvious.  

My education began as a Music Business Major.  I graduated Eastern Connecticut State University with a Bachelors in Mathematics.  My interest in education brought be back to Eastern for a Masters in Educational Technology.  For over 5 years during my time with that campus I was the Technology Operations Manager of the campus radio station, WECS 90.1 FM. 

I'd like to thank all of my Family, Friends, Colleagues, Collaborators, Clientele, Fans, and Fellow creatures that believe in love and creating a better world for all.  I have been shaped in some way by each and every one of you.  I wouldn't be where I am today without you all.


- Jeremy MacDonough